Barcelona Tour

In May 2008 Diatonic went on a singing tour in Barcelona where we performed two concerts and a mass.


The music included:

Palestrina - Loquebantur Variis Linguis Apostoli
Victoria - Dum Complerentur
Croce - Hodie Completi Sunt
Vautor - Sweet Suffolk Owl
Wilbye - Weep, Weep Mine Eyes
Wilbye - Flora gave me fairest flowers
Parry - My Soul there is a Country
Duruflé - Ubi Caritas
Duruflé - Tota pulchra est
Duruflé - Tu es Petrus
Duruflé - Tantum Ergo
Vaughan Williams - The Cloud-capp'd Towers
Vaughan Williams - Over Hill, Over Dale
Sutton - I will lift up mine eyes
Bruckner - Os Justi
Bruckner - Locus Iste
Rachmaninov - Bogoroditsye Dyevo (Ave Maria)

We also performed arrangements from Oriana Singers' David Moss (our founder conductor).

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