Accompanist - Edward Jenkins

Edward Jenkins grew up in the West Riding of Yorkshire and began learning the piano at the age of 6. He has few formal music qualifications but enjoyed much success in local music festival whilst still in his teens. As a matter of necessity he started playing the Chapel organ whilst still only 10 years old, and in later life this has led to accompanying services and concerts in a variety of churches and cathedrals, though he always regards himself primarily a pianist who plays the organ.

There was some suggestion that he might make music his profession, but this gave way to an academic career in mathematics, first at Cambridge University and subsequently teaching for 36 years at Bablake School in Coventry where he was head of the maths department. Throughout, music remained a keen interest and he always enjoys performing, particularly as an accompanist. He has been the regular accompanist with Diatonic for both rehearsals and performances since 2003.

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